• todd6798

We published eight podcast episodes while working a trade show. That's how easy and fast Auxbus is.

Last week the Auxbus team was away at Podcast Movement in Orlando, Florida. Not only were we working a booth in the expo hall, but we launched our entirely new platform there as well. So as you can imagine, it was a busy and full week.

However, to show just how easy and fast Auxbus is to use, we also decided to launch the Auxbus #PM19 podcast and created eight episodes, interviewing Podcast Movement attendees, while working the trade show.

Auxbus was designed to save you the maximum amount of time possible – and we mean it. By making it easy to reuse content such as your intro, outro and call-to-action, you can create new episodes faster by just recording your main section or new content each time.

We quickly set up our show and invited attendees that came by our booth to be guests on it. After recording the interviews, we assembled and published each episode. It really is that simple.

Now you can find them on Spotify and Google:

Want to listen to the rest?https://open.spotify.com/show/1cfVDLO5h2Eh1Xplr9ZEdo