• todd6798

We are Auxbus

Auxbus (formerly Podcraft) began out of the need to make podcasting and audio easy and approachable.

Dan Radin, CEO, spent 15 years in the audio technology industry developing more than 75 products. When he wanted to start a podcast about his drum business he struggled to find a comprehensive platform that helped guide businesses and brand through the journey from start to finish. Realizing there is so much more that goes into creating a podcast than just recording and producing, Auxbus was created to help relieve the overwhelm businesses and brands face.

Auxbus is more than just recording tools. It’s everything that goes into making a successful, professional podcast. Through this platform, you not only have access to step-by-step planning and recording tools, but also the means of interviewing guests even if they’re somewhere else; and professional audio and content production and distribution done for you.

Another thing we realize is that people want to create podcasts but don’t know what to say or where to start. Our platform also offers resources to help you plan, organize, market your content and more.

The goal of Auxbus is to make creating podcasts easy and fast. Our mission is to develop solutions that brings clarity to speech, making audio content creation accessible and enjoyable.

Auxbus is headquartered in Asheville, North Carolina, a growing city that thrives on creativity and innovation. Our team reflects that: a growing group of talented individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences, dedicated to improving experiences and eliminating obstacles.

We give businesses and brands ability to reach their audiences in a new way with content that is professional, clear, and consistent.

Technically speaking, an “aux buss” is a section of professional audio systems that enables sound to be transformed and shaped before it’s shared with the world.

The aux buss on a mixer or recorder takes the sound of your voice and delivers a tuned, adjusted result, without any distraction or unwanted sounds. We are that aux buss for your brand. We make the tech disappear and help you broadcast audio media that’s as professional as you are.