• Ryan DuVal

Updates to Episode Assembly

Things have been busy since Thursday when we released Episode Assembly. As the Principal Software Engineer for Auxbus, I listened to each assembled episode, looking for bugs both large and small. And we found some! A number of fixes and updates have been released and I wanted to share them with you.

We had an unhappy but then very happy customer

Listen to this audio clip about podcaster Tony Overbay's first experience with Auxbus and his panic over an error message:

You will no longer be refused

One of the music selections (ironically, Can't Refuse You) would break assembly. Apparently, it could refuse you.

Don't limit yourself

Some longer episodes were failing to assemble - well no more!

We fixed the glitch

The Intro and Outro chapters can have a music bed, which is your music choice playing quietly beneath your speech. The problem was, when we initially faded it down, a small portion of the music was duplicated and it sounded weird. Also, we didn't really mention this music bed before but now there is an indicator in our episode builder.

Additionally, if your speech track was longer than your music, the speech was simply cut off where the music ended. We debated late into the night and decided to remove this particular feature.

Bring your own jams

We heard you: You may already have music mixed into your recordings and don't want to add additional music through our platform. Now you don't have to. And we moved where you select your music to before the episode builder because it made more sense.

Jump around

While listening to episodes for issues, I kept thinking how useful it would be to skip to different chapters of the episode at any point. Well now you can!

And all was right in the world.

We'd love to hear your feedback on the platform - let us know at hello@auxbus.com.