• todd6798

Creating an Internal Podcast for your Business

In a world where your employees are constantly bombarded with messaging across screens through apps like Slack, email, and social media, it is becoming harder and harder to engage your employees and maintain their attention.

How do you reach your employees then? How do you leave the screen and approach them in an organic and conversational way? Internal podcasting.

An internal podcast is one that is distributed privately (rather than publicly) and created by a company for its employees. These are great for companies with many branches or remote workers. They’re great for large companies that need an easy way to engage all their employees, or any other employer that just wants to connect with staff (of any size) in a more intimate way. Episodes might consist of a monthly state of the company, with announcements and performance updates from the previous month. It might contain stories from the CEO of how the company began, interviews of recognized employees, or evergreen episodes that simply share information about company basics.

An internal podcast is a creative way to promote engagement, explain the inner workings of your company, build culture, and bridge the gap between employees and leadership. Podcasting allows you to use your voice to humanize your message and build relationships and connection with your employees. Audio allows you to hold the attention of your audience longer than other media. It also allows you to go deeper with certain topics. And, the fact that it doesn’t require reading, means your employees can listen on their commutes, while working out, etc.

Using podcasting as a means of internal communication is beneficial for a number of reasons, not just keeping your employees informed.

It helps you build your company culture. On your podcast you can share your values, stories of successes or failures, highlight community outreach, and really illustrate culture using your own voice.

This is also an engaging way to approach onboarding new hires. Share basic information about the business, define the roles of different departments, speak with members of leadership or senior employees, and give any other advice that will help them succeed in their new roles.

Internal podcasting can be used for professional development. Bringing guests or sharing your own expertise and knowledge can help your employees in new roles, learn new skills and techniques, or help your long-time employees discover new strategies and ideas to further their careers.

Using internal podcasting is a really great way to show your staff that you are innovative and adapting to the changing environment. Talking about important topics, sharing inside knowledge of the company, and providing useful resources shows your staff that you care about their success and happiness with your company, which in turn, can only benefit you as the employer.


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