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Auxbus Episode Assembly

Creating your podcast with Auxbus just got easier. And faster. Automated episode assembly is here. Now, your episode can be tuned, mixed, and assembled right in your browser in a matter of seconds. And the result: a clean, professional sounding podcast.

Here's how it works:

Record and arrange audio in the episode builder

Arrange your podcast’s chapters. Record segments such as: intro, opener, main, outro, etc. You can listen to your recordings as soon as you are done recording each, and re-record them as much as necessary. Once all the elements you want are recorded, you arrange them in the episode builder, including placeholders for joiner music.

Select your music and review the episode

After you have recorded and arranged the elements of your episode, you can choose the music for your show from our royalty-free library. You can then review and revise your show before assembling it. Even after your episode has been assembled, you can come back to the building step and make changes.

Automated assembly prepares your episodes

With the press of a single button, Auxbus then gathers up all your recordings and prepares each recording by:

  • Adjusting the audio levels so they’ll be easy to listen to

  • Removing unwanted silences so there will be no spaces

  • Mixing music into intro and outro segments

  • Assembling all of the speech and music files following your episode builder

  • Applying mastering adjustments to make the entire episode sound cohesive and consistent

Your episode is now ready!

In a few moments, your episode will be complete. You can listen to your podcast containing all the chapters with proper spacing and timing adjustments for listenability. After you have listened to your show and are pleased with the result, you can press a button and download it to share with the world.

You can use the Auxbus platform for free and unlimited during this pre-release period. Create now and get done-for-you production and distribution on as many episodes as you want.

Ready to give it a try? Click here