• todd6798

Announcing: Automatic Leveling

Auxbus is excited to announce Automatic Leveling. This new capability is devoted to making your speech easy to listen to for your listeners.

All the small details that go into finalizing the production of a podcast can sometimes be the most frustrating and difficult. However, if they are done well, it can make all the difference in having a clean podcast people want to listen to.

We want you to have that high quality, easy-to-listen-to sound for your listeners, but we understand you may not be well versed in audio technology. That’s why we developed automatic leveling: to get your sound right, fast. You don’t have to do a thing!

After recording your episode, your speech is automatically adjusted to deliver consistency between different people speaking. Everyone has listened to—and most likely been annoyed by—a podcast in which one subject is consistently louder than the other, or one is far too quiet. No more turning the volume up and down between speakers. Auto Leveling eliminates these issues, and your listeners will be glad for it. This also eliminates the problem of a single host raising or lowering their voice, or moving away from the microphone.

Your podcast is a representation of your brand, and should sound professional and well-produced. Auxbus Auto Leveling is just another way Auxbus is working to help you amplify your brand and podcast your message.

Listen to the difference here: