Enabling Microphone Names

If you’re trying to select your microphone, but aren’t seeing correct names, it’s easy to fix. In the Chrome browser, just follow these easy steps. If you’re using another browser and having this problem, please let us know.


1. At the top of your Chrome browser window, find the Lock icon and click it. Click Site Settings on the small tab the pops up.


2. Set Microphone to Always, which means you’ll only need to do this once to allow Podcraft to access microphone names. Then close this tab by hitting the x at the top of the Settings tab, Command+W on Mac, or Control+W on Windows.

Privacy note: This setting applies only to Auxbus. It doesn’t give your computer or browser permission to access your microphone unless you are on Auxbus and are actively recording.


3. You’ll see a bar at the top of the Auxbus window with a Reload button. Click it.


4. Now you’ll be able to see all the names of the microphones and audio devices connected to your computer.