Demo Episode: What's Next

Confetti Party

Congratulations! You’ve completed your Demo episode. When you upgrade to our Standard or Pro plans, we'll host and distribute your episodes automatically so listeners can discover and listen on any podcast app including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and many more.


In the meantime, here are some things you can do with your Demo.

  • Use your Demo to help sell the idea of creating a podcast within your company.

  • Use it to book guests for future episodes of your show.

  • Share it with potential sponsors to sell ads, integrations, and partnerships before your show gets started!


Internal Selling

One of the most effective ways to convince decision-makers and budget keepers that your brand can benefit from podcasting with Podcraft is by demonstrating the level of quality you’ll be delivering to the organization. And the best way to that is by playing them your Demo!


A podcast is an investment. And while podcasting with Podcraft is a lot less expensive than comparable media and agency services such as blogging, video production, or social media management, it’s important to be able to demonstrate value, even before you start paying.


Show them your business’s podcast means business with your Demo from Podcraft.


Book Guests

If you’re like most business podcasters, you’ll probably want to have co-hosts and guests including customers, partners, and suppliers to use your podcast to illustrate to listeners how your organization creates value for those with whom you interact.


Just like internal selling, booking other participants for your show takes some salesmanship. And what better way to get them excited about the show you’re inviting them to be on, than show and tell?


Demo episodes are engineered to be small enough for easy emailing or linking, and they’ll play on any device. No matter who they are, or where they are, you can paint a vivid sonic picture in an instant.


Pitch Sponsors

Some podcasters seek advertising, sponsorship, or partnership to support production costs and build credibility by aligning their brand with those of their sponsors. You can use your Demo as a presentation tool, whether in person, or via email, to instantly and seamlessly demonstrate the level of quality your show exhibits.


Your Demo

Now that you have some ideas for using your Demo to create even more value, how will you use it? Tell us about it by sending us a short note. And we’d love to hear what you thought of the Demo process. Whether your liked it, loved it, or you thought it could’ve been better, we want to know.